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All of our films and accompanying guides are available to stream for free

Our films cover a wide range of issues facing young people today. Every film comes with targeted educational guides for educators, students, and parents alike.

Why use glowmedia films?

Pamphlets or textbooks, while valuable, can be easy to ignore. Our films speak directly to young people in a way that resonates - giving them actionable tools and knowledge to navigate the issues addressed.

Do Supermodels Eat Popcorn?

Topics covered:

Eating Disorders, Body Dysmorphia

King of the World

Topics covered:

Bipolar Disorder

WARNING: Take Only as Directed

Topics covered:

Substance Misuse

Gotta Get It

Topics covered:

Stress + Anxiety

This is Me

Topics covered:

LGBTQ + Sexuality, Stress + Anxiety

Interested in setting up a free screening of one of our unreleased films?

We will work with you to get a screening set up in your school or community. Learn more about our current film offerings and how to set up a screening below.

Current Offerings

There Can Be Light

Like what you see? Simply contact us to set up a FREE screening in your school or community

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