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Help the glowmedia project change the conversation around mental health

Why become a partner?

​71% of employees say it is very important to work for an employer that supports a culture of giving and volunteering (source)


92% of employees who work at a socially responsible company say they would be more likely to recommend their employer to those in their network looking for a job (source)


87% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that advocates for a social issue they care about. (source)

About partnering with the glowmedia project

Partnering with the glowmedia project means making a real impact towards supporting the mental health of young people across the country.

Help us produce films, raise awareness, secure funding, or something else. We are open to all sorts of partnerships. However you want to work with us, we want to hear from you! Fill out the form to get started.

Partner with us

Help us make a difference.

Thank you for your interest! We will get back to you soon.

Our current partners
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